10 Potent Anti-Aging Foods (2018)

This is an updated list for 2018, of the ten most potent anti-aging foods and nutrients that anyone can use to keep themselves looking and feeling younger.

To qualify for the list, the anti-aging foods had to have one of two properties that slow the aging process.

They needed to be rich in an antioxidant that stops free radicals from damaging our cells or have a nutrient that contributes to eliminating some of the signs of aging, especially skin aging.

10 Potent Anti-Aging Foods for 2018

1. Rutin

Rutin is a bioflavanoid that has antioxidant properties and it also stimulates the genes that are responsible for collagen production.

A recent study showed that Rutin increased dermal density by 20.16%, skin elasticity by 40.5%, decreased crow feet wrinkles length by 27% and decreased under eye wrinkles by 49%.

These amazing results are undeniable and make a strong case for the inclusion of Rutin rich foods into your diet.

Anti-Aging Foods with Highest Concentration Rutin

Capers                                                                332.29 mg/100g

Buckwheat whole grain flour                               36.14 mg/100g

Black raspberry                                                   19 mg/100g

Black olives                                                         45.36 mg/100g

Asparagus                                                           23.19 mg/100g

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important vitamin for its anti-aging effects on your skin. It slows the breakdown of collagen in your skin, keeping it firm and elastic.

This prevents and slows down the formation of fine wrinkles. It also plays a major role in maintaining good eye sight which is a common early sign of aging.

Anti-Aging Foods with the Highest Concentration of Vitamin A

Carrots                                                             16706iu/100g (334%DV)

Sweet Potato                                                    14187iu/100g (284%DV)

Kale                                                                   9990iu/100g (200%DV)

Spinach                                                             9377iu/100g (188%DV)

Pumpkin                                                            8513iu/100g (170%DV)

Anti aging foods 2017

3. Silica

When it comes to great looking hair, skin and nails, silica is the essential ingredient. The basic structure of collagen involves multiple layers of incorporated silica.

Any deficiency can lead to the production of poor quality collagen and result in, poor quality hair, skin and nails. In addition, adequate levels of silica can promote the production of collagen. High levels of silica can be found in most cereals.

Anti-Aging Foods with Highest Concentration of Silica

Oatbran                                                               23.36 mg/100g

Dried date                                                           16.61 mg/100g

Wheat bran                                                         10.98 mg/100g

Sultanas                                                              8.91 mg/100g

Green beans                                                       8.73 mg/100g 

4. Curcumin

Curcumin has so many beneficial health effects. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

In terms of Anti-Aging Foods, Curcumin is known to significantly improve brain function especially as we age.

Curcumin has the unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier and boost the brain factor known as BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) and this stimulates the formation of new connections between neurons and even the production of new neurons in our brain.

Curcumin is found in turmeric, an Indian spice that is known for its yellow colour. Therapeutic doses of curcumin are best achieved with a supplement if you want to slow down the aging of your brain and even stimulate the growth of new cells.

5. Lycopene

Lycopene is a powerful nutrient that has a distinct ability to neutralise free radicals, especially those caused by sun exposure.

Lycopene can be found in most red fruit and vegetables. It has been proven that older adults have lower levels of lycopene than younger adults.

Lycopene has also been shown to suppress the activation of the mtor/ampk cascade, which is a major metabolic pathway linked to aging. The ability to neutralise free radicals from sun exposure makes lycopene a strong skin anti-aging candidate.

Anti-Aging Foods with Highest Concentration of Lycopene

Sundried Tomatoes                                                        45902ug/100g

Guava                                                                             5204ug/100g

Watermelon                                                                     4532ug/100g

Tomatoes (cooked)                                                         3041ug/100g

Papaya                                                                            1828ug/100g

6. Nasunin

This is another anti-oxidant that is an excellent free radical scavenger.

Nasunin is known to have excellent antioxidant properties on cell membranes and lipid structures making it quite effective at preventing the build-up of plague in blood vessels and the protection of lipid rich brain cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Its potent activity on protecting brain cells has placed firmly on the brain anti-aging food list. Nasunin is found in vegetables with a purple to reddish colour.

Anti-Aging Foods with Highest Concentration of Nasunin

Eggplant, Purple radish, Red cabbage, and Red turnip

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays two anti-aging roles. Firstly, it is a powerful anti-oxidant and then it is a major player in stimulating the production of new collagen in our skin.

Collagen is the main building block for most tissues and is critical in maintaining skin firmness and youthfulness.

Collagen production drops significantly as we age and this contributes to wrinkle formation.

Maintaining good vitamin C levels through nutrition can stop the decrease in collagen production caused by age and this will result in less wrinkles with a more youthful looking skin.

Vitamin C combined with foods high in collagen make one of the most powerful anti-aging combinations.

Anti-Aging Foods with the Highest Concentration of Vitamin C

Guava                                                    228,3mg/100g (381%DV)

Kale                                                       120mg/100g (200%DV)

Papaya                                                  60.9mg/100g (102%DV)

Sweet Red Peppers                              127.7mg/100g (213%DV)

Kiwi fruit                                                 92.7mg/100g (155%DV)

8. Eugenol

Eugenol is a powerful essential oil. It has many medicinal properties that have been used for centuries. It is an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and a powerful anti-fungal.

However, its most important quality to us is its ability to act as a fat soluble antioxidant. This property allows eugenol to be absorbed into the cell membranes of our skin and protect it internally from radicals and oxidants that cause wrinkles and aging.

Eugenol also activates your body’s own antioxidant and aides in the regeneration of other anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E. Eugenol is mostly found in spices.

Anti-Aging Foods with the Highest Concentration of Eugenol

Cloves, Cinnamon, Basil and Nutmeg

9. Zinc

Zinc has a special role as an anti-aging agent. Apart from having anti-oxidant and anti -microbial effects, zinc has a dual relationship with collagen.

It stimulates the production of more collagen and it binds to collagen protecting it from being breaking down.

Both of these functions lead to increased levels of collagen, which plays a major factor in fighting the aging process.

Anti-Aging Foods with Highest Concentration of Zinc

All bran wheat flakes                                                      51.7mg/100g (345%DV)

Oysters                                                                          39.3mg/100g (262%DV)

Pumpkin seeds                                                              10.3mg/100g (69%DV)

Shitake mushrooms                                                       7.66mg/100g (51%DV)

Cashews                                                                        5.6mg/100g (37%DV)

10. Ellagic Acid

Ellagic acid is a new compound that has been proven to have anti-aging properties. When your skin is exposed to UVB rays from the sun there is an increase in the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Ellagic acid acts to stop the production of this enzyme thereby preventing collagen from being broken down in the skin leading to slower aging of the skin and less wrinkles.

In addition, it prevents inflammation caused by sun exposure a second factor that contributes to accelerated aging of the skin.

Anti Aging Foods with Highest Concentration of Ellagic Acid

Chestnut                                                                          735,44mg/100g

Black berry                                                                      43.67mg/100g

Black raspberry                                                               38mg/100g

Walnut                                                                              28,5mg/100g

Cloud berry                                                                      15.3mg/100g

Make sure to include these foods in your shopping list to look younger in 2017. Please include any other potent anti-aging foods you may know of in the comments section.

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