10-Day Jump Start Weight Loss Challenge

The Jump Start 10-Day Weight Loss Challenge

The 10-day challenge was designed for people that struggle with starting any weight loss plan, those who lack motivation and those who usually experience high failure rates in the first few days after starting any plan.

It has low achievable goals with the least amount of effort but significantly feel good and look good results. You will notice a huge difference after the ten days and you will be motivated to implement more intense plans to lose even more weight.

1. Start on Thursdays

    Start the 10-day challenge on a Thursday. Research has proven that 90% of dieters start on a Monday, fail by Thursday, and go on a crazy binge over the weekend.

    Starting a plan on Thursday gives you the best chance to make it past the treacherous weekend and start a new week with four days already completed. This will seriously increase your chances of completing 10 days.

    2. 12 Hour Time Restricted Eating

      Eat all your meals within 12-hours and avoid carbohydrates after lunch. You must place more emphasis on going a full twelve hours without eating, only water allowed. This includes your sleep time thereby making it is an easy goal to achieve. This has numerous benefits especially the weight shredding effect of increased insulin sensitivity.

      3. Sleep

        You must sleep for a minimum of 8 hours every night. Proper sleep boosts all metabolic functions and helps reset our crazy hunger stimulating hormones.

        4. Water

          You must drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. Our bodies burn calories increasing the temperature of a glass of water to our body temperature. Drinking 8 glasses or 2kg of cold water can increase your daily metabolism by up to 600kj. This burns the same calories as running a mile at average speed.

          5. Only 3 Sets 

          Three sets of 15 Squats alternating with push ups every day. Squat are the most versatile “easy to perform” exercise that burns an enormous number of calories and builds muscle. Just 3 sets a day will have long lasting effects that outperform most other sweat drenched gruelling exercises.

          Try these simple steps for 10 days and you will be surprisingly shocked with the results.

          Please post any questions in the comments sections below.

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