Forskolin Does Not Cause Weight Loss

Forskolin on its own will NOT help you lose weight even if Dr Oz says so. Forskolin like many other miracle weight loss drugs have been blasted into the spotlight by the likes of many experts like Dr Oz.

In reality, there is zero scientific evidence of forskolin causing significant weight loss in humans in comparison to the proven weight loss effects of prescription weight loss drugs.

However, forskolin may have the ability to boost the weight loss effects of other weight loss drugs. When used with other weight loss drugs, forskolin may slightly increase their effectiveness.

Here are the benefits of forskolin, however given the cost and the minimal results it is strongly recommended that you give forskolin a miss. There are so many other effective ways to lose weight.

Forskolin is extracted from the plant Coleus forskohli, it is a chemical compound that has many medicinal properties and has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine.

Weight Loss Effects of Forskolin

A  study on Forskolin showed how forskolin is able to activate cAMP accumulation in fat cells.

This increased cAmp production in our fat cells increases the potency of various other fat burners in our bodies causing increased lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat.

This essentially means that forskolin is able to boost the effects of other fat burners like caffeine, ephedrine, and catechins.

Dosage of Forskolin

250mg twice a day for the maximum effect. Forskolin is usually found in combination fat burner products so check your labels to make sure your other products don’t already contain forskolin.

Forskolin is more effective on men as it has the additional benefit of increasing testosterone levels.

A study on testosterone levels in men showed that forskolin caused an almost 4kg increase in muscle mass in men and this was attributed to the average increase in testosterone levels by 16.7% with some men seeing an increase in testosterone level by up to almost 50%.

Anti-Cancer Effects of Forskolin

Forskolin also has the ability to activate the protein phosphatase 2, an enzyme that is known to increase the rate of cell division.

A Spanish study found that forskolin’s activation of the PP2A enzyme had anti-tumor effects on rectal cancer tumors. The results of this study proved forskolin may be able to decrease cancer cell growth.

Forskolin Side Effects and Precautions

Forskolin can cause a dramatic decrease in blood pressure and should be taken with caution if you are already on any anti-hypertensive medication.  

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