About Me

Kam Moodley

Hey, I’m Kam, nice to meet you :)

I started this business in 2015. After working as a pharmacist for more than ten years and serving thousands of people looking for solutions, I discovered that the same groups of people had been asking the same questions over the last ten years.

The largest of these groups was the middle aged adult market and they

were always looking for weight loss solutions, so I created a weight loss guide for my middle aged customers. The guide worked for so many people that I decided to build an online business around it.

This online business has since grown into a valuable source of information for anyone looking for pharmaceutical solutions for their aesthetic problems. We lead the industry with our awareness and knowledge of the latest aesthetic products on the market. 

Our most successful content are our guides on boosting the effectiveness of common drugs using various methodologies that have been clinically proven. Most of the time these strategies never reach the public as they are not commercially viable for pharmaceutical companies or synergistic products are from competing companies. Our strict independence allows us to highlight several strategies that generate unbelievable results for our readers.

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