Vitamin, Supplement and Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Solutions

Vitamin, Supplement and Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Solutions


Due to the personalised nature of this report and the time it takes to find the perfect solutions for you, there is a limitation on the number of clients that we can see.

We are currently fully booked and don't want to offer a sub-standard service.

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Not losing weight with diet and exercise? 

Thinking about adding in a vitamin, supplement or pharmaceutical to help you reach your weight loss goals? but you don't know where to start and you don't want to waste money on products that don't work.

This personalised weight loss consult and report will tell you exactly what vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals are right for you and how to integrate them into a well constructed weight loss plan to get maximum weight loss results in minimum time. 

You may have a simple vitamin deficiency or complex metabolic and hormone imbalances that are blocking your best weight loss efforts, or you may be like so many others that just don't have the time to eat perfectly balanced diets or exercise 5 times a week.

What ever the case, we know that everyone has weaknesses and disadvantages when it comes to losing weight and using the right vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals can help us over come them and give us the edge needed to lose weight.

With the 1000's of products, scams and marketers in the weight loss industry, it is essential that you know that we have NO affiliations to any brands in the weight loss sector and do not profit from any vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals that we recommend.

Our only goal is to find the right vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals to help you overcome any health issue, weakness or disadvantage that is preventing you from losing weight.

We are experienced registered healthcare professionals and we only recommend products that are safe, effective and of the highest clinical standards that will save you time, money and get you results.

This weight loss report is for you if:

Is this Weight Loss Report for You?

- You diet and exercise, but still struggle to lose weight.

- You have lost a some weight, but your results have plateaued and you cant figure out how to lose more weight, especially those last few pounds to get to your goal.

- You want to strategically integrate vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals into your weight loss plan so that you can get better results and reach higher goals.

- You have medical complications that are blocking you from losing weight and you require a tailor made weight loss plan that will be constructed around your condition.

- You are on prescription medication and would like to take a supplement or pharmaceutical and want professional advice on what would work without affecting your prescription medication or medical condition.

- You need a credible unbiased opinion on vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals from an experienced healthcare professional.  

- You don't have time or money to waste on trial and error of the 1000's of products available.

- You have tried everything and you are now considering higher options, such as prescription weight loss pills or even surgery.

- You have been newly diagnosed with a medical condition and require guaranteed weight loss results to help alleviate symptoms and even reverse some conditions (pre-diabetes, early diabetes, back pain, arthritis, infertility...) 

In this report you will get:

Weight Loss Report

1. A Full Review and Assessment Report

A full assessment and review of your current situation, highlighting red flags, areas of weakness, areas of disadvantages and the exact factors that are blocking your weight loss and contributing to your weight gain.

A review of your current vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

2. An Immediate Results Report

This report will detail the smallest steps that you could take immediately to get the greatest results. 

These are strategic weight loss steps that require very little time, effort or money to get you immediate results. 

3. The Vitamin, Supplement and Pharmaceutical Report

A personalised recommendation of supplements, vitamins or pharmaceuticals customised to a comprehensive weight loss plan that will help you reach your goals faster.  

3.1 Personalised doses calculated for your body weight, sex, age, and demographic. These are minimum effective doses that have fewer side effects and prevent the dreaded down regulation created by over dosing of supplements. Personalised minimum effective doses also save you hundreds of dollars.  

3.2 Exact times and methods to take your vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals to enhance their effectiveness for weight loss.

3.3 How to use food as an alternative. Food sources and the exact amounts that you would need to eat to supplement via nutrition.

3.4 How to fit vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals into your weight loss plan or we will provide a weight loss plan for you if you don't have one.

4. A Feedback Report

Detailed answers to all your questions, with suggested solutions based on clinical experience of working with 1000's of clients.

5. Unlimited Support and Motivation

You will have unlimited access to professional support and motivation via email - response within 6-8 hours, or via scheduled consult at no extra charge until to reach your agreed weight loss goals. 

The Exact Process

Exact Process Weight Loss Report

1. After purchase you will be directed to an online questionnaire.  Please do not rush this process and fill it in with as much detail as possible.

2. We will then do a private consult via a communication method that you are most comfortable with (skype video or chat, email, watsapp video call or chat) were we go over over areas that require more clarity. There are no limits to consults, we will do as many consults as required to give you the best chance of losing weight.

3. After 72 hours I will deliver your complete report.

4. I will provide ongoing support in assisting with the implementation of the actionable steps detailed in the weight loss report until you achieve your agreed weight loss goals.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kam, a Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Specialist and Author.

I am a registered Pharmacist with more than ten years of experience and I have helped 1000's of people lose weight by using vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals to overcome the factors that are blocking their best weight loss efforts. I only include products into a well constructed weight loss plan to ensure safe and effective results for my clients.  

Over the last ten years I have been asked the same questions so many times. What should I take for weight loss? I have been dieting and exercising but not losing weight, is there anything that can help?

My experience in answering these questions to thousands of patients, customers, family and friends, and in addition to my research and training have helped me developed an intricate system to identify the vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals that are most appropriate for a particular person to lose weight.

I have authored two books on metabolism and weight loss and have been featured on numerous websites, blogs and newspapers.

I have an impeccable track record and I want to be the factor that ultimately helped you get the weight loss results you deserve.



Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Expert 

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Due to the personalised nature of this report and the time it takes to find the perfect solutions for you, there is a limitation on the number of clients that we can see.

We are currently fully booked and don't want to offer a sub-standard service.

Please enter your name and email below to be placed on the waiting list and be the first to know of any reschedules or cancellations. 

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What People are Saying about this Product 

"I was stuck on 75kgs for months after losing almost 10 kgs, my goal was 70kgs. Using this report, I am currently at 68 ks after two months. I now need to put on some weight and get back to my goal of 70. Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support" - J Henly*


"The unlimited ongoing support is really helpful, especially as i have hit some roadblocks, and need further assistance to get restarted and back on track towards losing weight. the entire team have been extremely helpful." - T Rodriguez*


"9 pounds down, 11 more to go, thanks guys."- L Teller*


"Eye opening, I never expected such an individualised approach. the entire report was created for me with personalised doses. I have been taking the incorrect doses for almost 15 years and wasted so much of $." - M Philipson*


"Man, thank goodness for the ongoing support. Most people give you a few tips and get rid off you, but you made me follow through on my promises and the 150mg (removed) helped me lose 8.5kg." - S Ricci*


"I just want to wish the entire team all the best for the future and say that I am so proud to be your biggest loser at 63lbs. I will never forget everything you have done for me." - Q Jackson*


"Thanks, the supplement report is amazing. I hate getting information from stores where you can see that they just want to get rid of you. I also hate those annoying part time body builders and fitness freaks who work in these stores and look at you in disgust when they tell you to diet and exercise more and then advise you to buy their latest promotion. At least I know that this report is coming from someone that actually cares about my weight loss." - O Mathers*


"Thanks Kam, please give Jen a raise, she has been super helpful." - James S*


"I cant believe I have been making so many silly mistakes that were blocking my weight loss. I have lost 11 pounds so far. Looking forward to reaching my goal weight loss of 20 pounds. The last few pounds are really difficult to lose but I have just added in the (removed), so expecting to break through soon, and you guys are really supportive, especially Kam."- T Groenger*


" I've known Kam for for about seven years so I agreed to be one of his first clients. I am a 37 year old male paramedic and I work shifts. I have been about 10 kgs over weight since my late twenties and after getting married. I am quite active and do about 30 minutes of running twice a week and also try to eat low carb meals. Kam immediately knew what the problem was and designed a plan to suite my shifts. He also recommended that I take melatonin to help regulate my sleep patterns when working shifts and he recommended a vitamin d supplement because my uniform prevented me from getting any sun exposure. the melatonin was the game changer that helped me lose about 5 kgs as I was getting some quality day sleep when on shifts. I am in the process of starting his other tips to lose the rest of my weight. I recommend his services to anyone that has hit a roadblock with weight loss and needs a problem solver. " - I Smith*

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